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Kasco's - TaylorDeicers Technical spec

NEW oil-free design - no chance of oil leaks polluting our environment.
Molded glass filled nylon shroud - guides waterflow, and blocks debris.
Stainless Steel motor shaft and motor housing - eliminates corrosion.
Dual internal seals and double lip shaft seal - keep water and dirt out for long life.
High efficiency motor and high performance propeller - give the most flow for your energy dollar.
Continuous duty 120V single phase motor - can run non-stop for years without maintenance.
Standard 50' or 100' field replaceable power cord - get you to the middle of the slip without modification.
Designed for harsh saltwater environment with renewable zinc anode for corrosion protection - thrives in salt or mineral filled water.
Easy to install by one person - fast setup allows use as a portable unit.
Under NO circumstances should anyone enter the water with the electrical equipment plugged in and/or in operation. However, it is NEVER recommended to enter the water with the equipment in operation.
2 Year Limited Warranty - for peace of mind.
U.P.S. Shippable
Made with pride, assembled in the U.S.A.