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About Us

Aeration Power Systems, Inc.

Located in Wantagh, NY, on 2215 Wantagh Avenue, Aeration Power Systems, Inc. is a Kasco Sales and Service Center, serving the eastern seaboard of the U.S., north of Florida. A wide variety of de-icers and aerators can be purchased and serviced directly through this office.

Please contact us via phone: (516) 221-3000 or TOLL FREE at 1 (866) 221-3010

or fax: (516) 221-3020

Kasco® Marine

Although Kasco Marine may be a relatively new name to you in turf management, Kasco is not a new name to water quality management. The founders of Kasco Marine have been in business since 1956.

In the early 1970s they formed Kasco Marine, Inc. to manufacture de-icers (aerators used for ice-control) for the marine industry.

Due to the lack of good equipment available elsewhere, Kasco's equipment was well accepted regionally. In 1980 Kasco attacked the national marine industry with a redesigned unit and quickly became the nation's largest manufacturer of de-icing equipment. Also in the early 80s Kasco adapted its quality agitator for the aquaculture industry where it was also well accepted.

Because of the high volume of equipment Kasco Marine manufactures, Kasco can bring you better quality equipment at a more affordable price. Try Kasco, and you will not be disappointed.

Kasco® Low RPM Technology

Unlike other aeration units, Kasco Aerators utilize low RPM technology. This means Kasco's lower RPM motors provide longer seal life. Low RPM also means Kasco's Decorative Aerators are able to utilize pump impellers and pump housing with larger openings and cavities in order to maximize clog-free characteristics during operation.

Designed specifically for submersible marine operation, Kasco has literally tens of thousands of aerator/circulator units in operation in all climates and marine conditions including salt water. Kasco units are designed to be easily serviced by the users. When needed, Kasco Marine takes great pride in its prompt and courteous warranty service.

There will be a 15% Restocking Fee for returned items. Items may NOT be returned after they have been in the water. There will be a $15.00 per Box for incorrect delivery addresses.

Questions? Call, toll-free 1-866-221-3010